Supplemental Accident Plans

RF Insurance Masters recommends these supplemental accident plans in conjunction with any health insurance plan. Over 50% of the time Urgent Care or Emergency Room visits are due to accidental injuries. All health insurance plans usually do not pay for accidents, the plan usually states that insured must meet deductible, and then coinsurance will begin to cover accidents and injuries. The part where you are subject to paying for the deductible is where the supplemental accident plans can reduce your exposure to paying the deductible to what the Co-pay is up to the amount of coverage you have selected. We usually recommend that you match this coverage to the deductible. This approach will give you a $100-$250 deductible per accident depending on the accident plan chosen. Leveraging a supplemental accident plan with your health insurance plan limits out of pocket to being that of the per accident deductible for the accident plan.

I have a couple of supplemental accident plans to choose from one from BMA Plans, which is an accident only plan with some association feature, and a Homeland HealthCare AWA GAP Plans, that combines Supplemental Accident and Critical Illness Benefits with some great association features.

AWA GAP Plans – Supplemental Accident and Critical Illness Coverage

The AWA GAP plan has two levels of coverage offered Basic 1 ($5000) and Basic 2 ($10,000)  plan.  This plans combine a supplemental accident plan with a $100 deductible per accident with coverage of $5,000 or $10,000 maximum per accident.  The plan includes Critical Illness Benefits of $5,000 or $10,000 for covered applicant and their spouse.  This will pay  a one time face value for each of the following Cancer, Heart Attack, Kidney Failure, Loss of Limb(s), Major Organ Transplant, Paralysis or Stroke.  The is payable on the first diagnosis of each of the specified illnesses.  One other great feature included with this plan is unlimited free consultations using ConsultADoc.  With major medical plans offering limited office visits, this is a great way to get consultations 24-hours a day and they can prescribe medications once they discuss the situation with you.  This can give you a quick way to get with a doctor from the convenience of your home.

To learn more and apply for this coverage :  Homeland HealthCare AWA Gap Plans

Brochure :  AWA GAP PLANS_Basic Guide V1 6 1 12 11

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns on this plan, give us a Call at 512-807-9594.  It can be a great complement with your major medical coverage to save you on your deductible exposure.  It can work with HSA or regular health plans individual or group health plan.

Supplemental Accident Plan

Supplemental Accident Plan NamePlans Face Value per AccidentDeductable Per AccidentCritical Illness Face ValueMonthly Premium
AWA Gap Basic 1
Ages 18 to 64
$52.00 per Month for Member
$93.00 per Month for Member plus Spouse
$98.00 per Month for Member plus Child(ren)
$101.00 per Month for Member plus Family
AWA Gap Basic 2
Ages 18 to 64
$32.00 per Month for Member
$42.00 per Month for Member plus Spouse
$44.00 per Month for Member plus Child(ren)
$46.00 per Month for Member plus Family
Note: One time enrollment fee of $49

For detailed information or to apply for Homeland HealthCare AWA Gap Plans click this link.

This is not basic health Insurance.