Mail Order Prescriptions

AmeriSave Mail Order Pharmacy Helps RF Insurance Masters Customers Save Money Prescriptions

Are you looking for ways to save on your needed brand name drug prescriptions? I have found a place named AmeriSave that can save you 30%-70% via mail order. They will do all the work for you to get your prescription from your doctor and if you use the code below, ship them for free to your home. People can really save if you have no prescription program or if your health insurance has a high deductible before they will pay your prescription. If you are on Medicare and used your prescription allowance for the year this plan can save you over pharmacy prices. There is no cost to leveraging this great prescription plan, just begin saving on your monthly prescription cost.

Who Is AmeriSave?

AmeriSave is located in Omaha, NE, is Pharmacy Benefit Manager… in other words, a Pharmacy Provider. AmeriSave sends your prescriptions to a large discount pharmacies…. and the savings are passed along to you.

How Can Prices Be So Low?

In filling your order, AmeriSave shops for you the best price – at pharmacy that compete – other pharmacies do not shop for you – AmeriSave finds the pharmacy that provides the highest quality drugs at the lowest price.

About The Quality…

AmeriSave’s Pharmacy supply absolutely the finest quality of drugs – unconditional superiority – no exceptions when it comes to excellence and grade.

More On Low Prices

AmeriSave offers BIG discounts because our pharmacies provide generic drugs where others push high priced Brands. Generic drugs are exactly the same quality as the more expensive brands but at much lower prices. Across the board, AmeriSave’s Prices are half, or lower.

Check These Prices!

Highest Quality Medicine
A Sample Listing – All Drugs Available

Drug & Strength
30-Day Pharmacy Price
30-Day AmeriSave Price
Lipitor 20mg
Plavix 75mg
Zirtec 10mg
Nexium 20mg
Advair 50/250
Fosamax 70mg
Singulair 10mg
Zocor 20mg
Actos 15mg

Prices July 2009

This AmeriSave Plan

  • No Cost to Join
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Shipping and Handling – Shipping is FREE….
  • Get a Free no obligation quote on your prescriptions to see how much you could SAVE!

Ways to Order or Get A Free Quote on your Prescriptions

  1. To guarantee to the lowest prices, use the LOW PRICE CODE : 1441 on every order.
  2. Just Call 1.800.342.0941 on your first order or on refills.
  3. Call RF Insurance Masters to send you an Application. Mail it or fax it to AmeriSave.

Need a New Prescription?

AmeriSave will get them for you by contacting your Doctor’s office. Just tell AmeriSave when you order.

Full Refund Guarantee

Upon receipt of your order, if you are dissatisfied for ANY reason, return your order for a FULL REFUND. No questions asked. Other pharmacies do not refund.

Do Your Friends a Favor

Give them AmeriSave’s phone number. Help them Save too!

Home Delivery

Your prescriptions will be mailed from the pharmacy direct to your address. Shipping time is 4- to 14-days (depending on the location of the pharmacy). You have to allow time for delivery.

At Refill Time….

AmeriSave calls you each time your refill order is due – about 3-weeks before you run out. Use Low Price Code: 1441 on every order.

AmeriSave Plan
12701 Forestdale Drive
Bellevue, NE 68123
Phone: 1.800.342.0941
Fax: 402.778.5889
Your Lowest Price CODE: 1441