Are you finding yourself considering COBRA coverage? We can help you understand COBRA and provide some alternatives that can help you save money.

Alternatives to COBRA

We can help you examine options to COBRA that can be more cost effective coverage for you. We have many plans you can consider to meet your health care needs. We work with you to find the best health care plan for you and your family.

We have high and low deductible plans from our health care appointments that can include wellness checks, office visit co-pay ($25-$40) and prescription drug benefits.

It is easy to begin to examine your options, give us a call, email us. or submit a Request a Quote online form to begin the custom quote process. We look forward to helping you find the best options for you and helping reduce your monthly health care premiums.


  • COBRA provides temporary group rates for former employees, retirees, spouses, former spouses, and dependent children. This is provided for up to 18 months of coverage.
  • COBRA group coverage is usually more expensive than health coverage for active employees, since usually the company pays part of the premium for the employee. COBRA participants generally pay the entire premium. The COBRA coverage cost could include up to a 2% administrative fee in the premium.
  • The plan administrator must provide notice to individual employees of their right to elect COBRA coverage within 14 days after the administrator has received notice from the employer.
  • You must respond to this notice and elect COBRA coverage by the 60th day after the written notice is sent or the day health care coverage ceased, whichever is later. Otherwise, you will lose all rights to COBRA benefits.
  • For additional information on COBRA FAQs you can visit the government’s COBRA website.