RF Insurance Masters has some dental plans for your review. We have HMO, PPO and Discount Dental plans. You can learn more about the various dental plans by contacting us and we can help you narrow down your choices.  We have some links below to help you review some options on your own.  We suggest contacting us to help you understand the differences in the plans below.    There are many choices for dental insurance available, be sure to make sure you understand what you are purchasing and what the waiting periods are for minor and major procedures. We can work with you to help you narrow down your search with the most important aspects from the plan.  Please contact us with any questions and we know we can find a plan that meets your requirements.

Things to look at in a dental plan:

  • Are their dentists in your network near your home or does the plan allow you to benefit from any dentist.
  • Look at waiting periods for (i.e. 3-month, 6-month, 12-months or 18-months):
    • Cleanings
    • Basic Repair, (i.e. fillings)
    • Major Repair (i.e. crowns)
  • Look for Maximum Annual Benefits per person ($1,000, $1,500, $2,000 or No Limits)
  • If you are coming off of a group plan we have one company, Ameritas that will wave any waiting periods on the plan.

You can review some of our options and apply for the plans by clicking the links below:

  • Dental For Everyone (Dental Plans in Your Area see them by Zip Code and apply online)
  • Ameritas Dental plans (Waiting Period can be waived if you have come off group  dental coverage within 30 days)
  • True Dental Insurance from SafeGuard(This plan is great if you have issues that need to be addressed to apply and for additional information click the link above)
    • HMO Dental Plan NA245D from SafeGuard Dental
    • Preexisting Conditions Are Covered
    • No Waiting Periods
    • No Dollar Limits
    • No charge for 2 Routine Cleanings
    • No Charge for Fillings
    • No Charge for X-Rays
    • $5 Extractions
    • $5 Office Visit Co-pay
    • Call us to get a list of copays
    • Monthly Premiums
      • Individual $39.95
      • Individual Plus One $57.95
      • Family $79.95
      • One time Enrollment Fee of $55
      • Minimum 6 months membership in plan
  • Discount Dental Plans over 30 to choose from search by Zip code and apply online
  • We do have plans by United HealthOne, HumanaOne and World Insurance Company as well contact us for more details

We look forward to working with you on dental insurance needs. We have additional dental insurance plans from HumanaOne, United HealthOne and World Insurance Company for you to consider. We can help you get the best plan for your specific needs.  Contact us today and we will give you some personal advice for your situation.